School Philosophy      
Enhance and integrate the academic, social and personal development of our pupils enabling them to become well adapted young adults equipped with the social and academic skills needed to succeed in our global society.
  • Provide a supportive, caring, student centred environment in which each pupil feels valued as an individual.
  • Maximise the academic achievement of every pupil by delivering a broad, balanced curriculum using a wide variety of techniques with appropriate support.
  • Build self motivation and self esteem by helping each pupil to experience positive reinforcement and success in some aspect of school life.
  • Develop the skills of problem solving, communication, research and study, needed for life-long learning.
  • Value and promote behaviour that is ethical, responsible and shows respect for the rights of others.
  • Encourage pupils to value cultural diversity and to develop tolerance and empathy.
  • Raise awareness of global issues, the environment and personal health.
  • Consider equal opportunity for all a fundamental right, regardless of race, gender, culture or belief.
  • Develop a positive working relationship between parents, pupils and teachers.
  • Provide a wide variety of co-curricular and sporting activities to challenge and widen pupils’ experience, and to enhance mutual respect and self esteem.
  • Show continuous improvement in every aspect of our school.