Braeburn Kisumu International School was acquired by Braeburn Schools Ltd in 2007. Previously governed by a ten member School Board, elected by the parents of the school, the Braeburn Group of International Schools was approached and asked to take over the running of the school. The Braeburn Group firmly believes in the growth of quality international education in Kenya, and so over the past five years has taken huge strides in developing and progressing the school in Kisumu. As such the original school has now had 9 classrooms added which include an Art Room, a Science laboratory and a Music Room. Rooms within the main building have been converted to include a dedicated, fully internet connected ICT Suite and a library.

BKIS is part of a large group of schools which was started in 1968 by an English lady who called it Braeburn House International School. Braeburn Limited (the present company) bought it in 1979 when the name was changed to Braeburn School - the origins of the name 'Braeburn' being from "Burnbrae", which was the colonial name for the area of Nairobi the first school was situated in. Burnbrae, in turn, came from the Scottish "burn" for stream and "brae" for hill. Presently with 3 schools in Nairobi and schools in Mombasa, Nanukiki, Thinka and Arusha in Tanzania the Braeburn Group of Schools is clearly encompassing its motto “Summum Appeto” (‘Reach for the Top!)